The Board of Professional Responsibility will be closed on Monday, January 18, 2021 in observance of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. 

The Board of Professional Responsibility is operating remotely.

For informal ethics inquiries, please enter your inquiry online using the informal inquiry form. Ethics Counsel will be receiving informal ethics inquiries online only.

Recent Disciplinary and Licensure Actions

101 - 125 of 3165
Date Type Title BPR Number Attorney
03/10/2020 Release Lincoln County Lawyer Placed On Disability Inactive Status 010919 Brown, Janice Yvonne
03/09/2020 Release Tennessee Lawyer Temporarily Suspended 030147 Evans, Jake Preston
02/25/2020 Release McMinn County Lawyer Disbarred 009921 Cantrell, Larry Dean
02/20/2020 Release Hamilton County Lawyer Censured 000915 Wright, Charles Gammons
02/19/2020 Release Sumner County Lawyer Censured 034715 Chamberlain, Rex Austin
02/19/2020 Release Tennessee Lawyer Censured 031177 Hays, Jordan Jones
02/19/2020 Release Tennessee Lawyer Disbarred 029768 Carlton, Jonathan Stephen
02/14/2020 Release Tennessee Lawyer Censured 023223 Bell, George Cooper
02/07/2020 Release Tennessee Lawyer Placed On Disability Inactive Status 008973 Fears, Shelly R.
02/04/2020 Release Knox County Lawyer Censured 027280 Harned, Bailey McKillop
02/03/2020 Release Sullivan County Lawyer Reinstated 007098 Frazier, Steven Carl
01/29/2020 Release Davidson County Lawyer Censured 028845 Finney, A. Sais Phillips
01/27/2020 Release Davidson County Lawyer Temporarily Suspended 021920 Perez, Philip Joseph
01/27/2020 Release Williamson County Lawyer Placed On Disability Inactive Status 002438 Brandon, John Ewing
01/22/2020 Release Knox County Lawyer Suspended 005453 Kennedy, James Lester
01/22/2020 Release Nashville Lawyer Censured 017537 Roberts, James D. R.
01/22/2020 Release Shelby County Lawyer Censured 030634 Harris, Michael Leon
01/21/2020 Release Sullivan County Lawyer Temporarily Suspended 032416 Vaughan, Kyle Douglas
01/17/2020 Release Sullivan County Lawyer Temporarily Suspended 007098 Frazier, Steven Carl
01/17/2020 Release Lawrence County Lawyer Censured 020308 Thompson, Christi Leigh
01/15/2020 Release Memphis Lawyer Censured 014682 Waldman, Charles Edgar
01/15/2020 Release Shelby County Lawyer Suspended 013020 Zoccola, Barbara Morris
01/13/2020 Release Nashville Lawyer Censured 032063 Dawson, Gregory Wade
01/10/2020 Release Memphis Lawyer Censured 010854 Washington, Marie A.
01/10/2020 Release Nashville Lawyer Censured 002588 Laska, Lewis Lyman