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Ethics Workshop 2019

Registration for the Board of Professional Responsibility’s 2019 Ethics Workshop is now open! The Workshop will be held at the Nashville School of Law on October 25, 2019 from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM CST.

For details and to register, please click on the following link: We hope to see you in October!

Spring 2019 issue of Board Notes

The Spring 2019 issue of Board Notes is now available. Board Notes is a semi-annual publication of the Board of Professional Responsibility which offers articles of interest and other information to Tennessee attorneys and judges such as recently-issued Formal Ethics Opinions and recent Disciplinary Actions.  Click here to read the Spring 2019 issue of Board Notes.

Ethics Workshop 2018

The Board of Professional Responsibility would like to thank everyone involved in helping to make the recent annual Ethics Workshop at the Nashville School of Law a huge success.  Based on the positive feedback from this year’s 400 attendees, the speakers at the November 2nd workshop did a wonderful job and were extremely well-received. The following is a list of the speakers and the topics they covered:

  • William T.  Ramsey, Esq. and Jordan McQuown: “Attorney’s Competent Use of Technology”
  • Lisa Smith, Esq.:  “Girl Walks Out of a Bar” (Substance Abuse issues)
  • Krisann Hodges, Esq.:  “Ethics from Hollywood”
  • Judge Michael Binkley, Judge Phillip Robinson, and Judge Philip E. Smith:  “Ethical Issues in Domestic Relations”
  • Deborah Taylor Tate, AOC Director and Judge Duane Slone:  “The Opioid Epidemic”
  • Justice Roger A. Page and Judge Brandon Gibson:  “Professionalism and Social Media”
  • Judge Frank  Clement:  “Professionalism”
  • Gail Ashworth, Esq., Brigid Carpenter, Esq., Jonathan Cole, Esq., Charles Grant, Esq., Krisann Hodges, Esq., Beverly P. Sharpe, Esq., and A. Russell Willis, Esq.:  “Mock Disciplinary Hearing”

The photo on the home page is of Director Deborah Taylor Tate of the Administrative Office of the Courts and Judge Duane Sloane speaking at the Ethics Workshop about our nation's current opioid epidemic. The misuse of opiods is affecting the administration of justice across the United States. State courts handle 95% of all litigation in the country and are positioned to play a crucial role in combatting the opiod epidemic. (Click here to read about "Opioids and the Courts.") To address the issue and promote solutions, the Conference of Chief Justices (CCJ) and the Conference of State Court Administrators (COSCA) established the National Judicial Opiod Task Force (NJOTF) in August 2017. The NJOTF will make recommendations  to courts at every level to support the Judiciary and help individuals make a successful recovery. Click here to learn more about the National Judicial Opiod Task Force.  Use the following link to learn about Fentanyl Safety Recommendations for First Responders.

Formal Ethics Opinions

Formal Ethics Opinion, 2018-F-165, is regarding the ethical implications of a website owned and operated by a company on which businesses and invidivuals may post a description of legal services for which they are seeking representation and lawyers/law firms may subsequently submit quotes for the cost of the legal services. Click here to read Formal Ethics Opinion 2018-F-165.

Formal Ethics Opinion 2018-F-166 and is regarding the ethical propriety of a settlement agreement which contains a confidentiality provision that prohibits any discussion of any facet of the settlement agreement with any other person or entity, regardless of the circumstances; and which prohibits the requesting attorney from referencing the incident central to the plaintiff’s case, the year, make, and model of the subject vehicle or the identity of the Defendants. Click here to read Formal Ethics Opinion 2018-F-166.


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