Recent Disciplinary and Licensure Actions

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Date Type Title BPR Number Attorney
10/26/2020 Release Knoxville Corporate Counsel Censured 038221 Casas, Michael Edward
10/23/2020 Release Memphis Lawyer Censured 026492 Richardson, Keisha Moses
10/23/2020 Release Nashville Lawyer Censured 031037 Boykin, Jamaal L
10/22/2020 Release Davidson County Lawyer Censured 018899 Smith, C. LeAnn
10/20/2020 Release Knoxville Lawyer Censured 007111 Howard, George Turner
10/12/2020 Release Davidson County Lawyer Suspended 013606 Parsley, David Scott
10/12/2020 Release Davidson County Lawyer Censured 026767 Johannessen, Scott David
10/09/2020 Release Tennessee Lawyer Disbarred 026731 Dukes, James Austin
10/09/2020 Release Williamson County Lawyer Suspended 024093 Carter, Bradley Michael
10/08/2020 Release Blount County Lawyer Temporarily Suspended 002049 Deas, Charles David
10/02/2020 Release Hamblen County Lawyer Suspended 005777 Beier, Douglas Ralph
10/02/2020 Release Tennessee Lawyer Suspended 022540 Perry, Stephen Kenneth
10/01/2020 Release Anderson County Lawyer Placed On Disability Inactive Status 015310 Webber, Charles Terry
09/29/2020 Release Davidson County Lawyer Reinstated 003024 Thompson, George H.
09/25/2020 Release Tennessee Lawyer Temporarily Suspended 016508 Rexrode, Robert R.
09/11/2020 Release Tennessee Lawyer Permanently Disbarred 025715 Sutton, Kimberly Ogden
09/10/2020 Release Dickson County Lawyer Permanently Disbarred 016106 Garton, Jackie Lynn
09/10/2020 Release Rutherford County Lawyer Temporarily Suspended 032494 Whelan, David Brent
09/09/2020 Release Shelby County Lawyer Placed On Disability Inactive Status 035361 Tominello, Nicholas Freeman
09/04/2020 Release Morgan County Lawyer Temporarily Suspended 013481 Hall, Andrew Nathan
08/26/2020 Release Davidson County Lawyer Reinstated 029981 Teets, Kevin William
08/21/2020 Release Carroll County Lawyer Suspended 009041 Dempsey, Benjamin
08/18/2020 Release Anderson County Lawyer Temporarily Suspended 019950 Angel, Kevin Carmack
08/17/2020 Release Hamilton County Lawyer Censured 022702 Buchanan, Michael Robie
08/17/2020 Release Rutherford County Lawyer Suspended 025919 Foy, Robert John