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Recent Disciplinary and Licensure Actions

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Date Type Title BPR Number Attorney
02/11/2021 Release Knox County Lawyer Suspended 011505 Graham, Mark Steven
02/10/2021 Release Davidson County Lawyer Disbarred 013029 Phillips, Judson Wheeler
02/10/2021 Release Benton County Lawyer Censured 007461 Hollis, Phillip Gordon
02/10/2021 Release Williamson County Lawyer Reinstated 024093 Carter, Bradley Michael
02/03/2021 Release Davidson County Lawyer Reinstated 013606 Parsley, David Scott
01/29/2021 Release Williamson County Lawyer Disbarred 030759 Dunn, Matthew David
01/29/2021 Release Tennessee Lawyer Suspended 022889 Ledvina, Matthew C.
01/29/2021 Release Lauderdale County Lawyer Suspended 034346 Mayham, Jennifer Lynn
01/28/2021 Release Blount County Lawyer Censured 002049 Deas, Charles David
01/22/2021 Release Davidson County Lawyer Suspended 018440 Sitton, Winston Bradshaw
01/20/2021 Release Nashville Lawyer Censured 013816 Hammet, Lawrence Buford
01/20/2021 Release Hamilton County Lawyer Censured 014272 Clelland, Wilfred Shawn
01/19/2021 Release Shelby County Lawyer Censured 011805 Burks, Addie Marie
01/14/2021 Release Knox County Lawyer Censured 009751 Bunstine, Nicholas D.
01/14/2021 Release Nashville Lawyer Censured 038282 Flener, Samantha
01/12/2021 Release Shelby County Lawyer Censured 031679 Montierth, Eric John
01/07/2021 Release McNairy County Lawyer Suspended 011507 Gray, Bobby Gene
01/07/2021 Release Shelby County Lawyer Censured 024144 Dowdy, Jahari Mabry
01/07/2021 Release Knox County Lawyer Permanently Disbarred 005453 Kennedy, James Lester
01/05/2021 Release Tennessee Lawyer Placed On Disability Inactive Status 023337 Owensby, Deon
12/22/2020 Release Montgomery County Lawyer Placed On Disability Inactive Status 013664 Moyer, Robert Hamm
12/21/2020 Release Order of Enforcement 018868 Troutman, Jody Rodenborn
12/11/2020 Release Shelby County Lawyer Suspended 027816 Moore, TeShaun David
12/10/2020 Release Maury County Lawyer Transferred To Active Status 015454 Washington, Angela Kay
12/09/2020 Release Anderson County Lawyer Placed On Disability Inactive Status 019950 Angel, Kevin Carmack