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82-F-37 - Vacated*


*Vacated by the Board of Professional Responsibility on September 11, 2015 due to changes in the law or rules.



Inquiry is made concerning the propriety of an attorney incorporating and doing business as "X (name of city) Legal Clinic of Y. Z. (name of Attorney), P.C."

Disciplinary Rule 2-102(B) of the Code of Professional Responsibility prohibits the use of law firm names that are misleading as to the identity of the attorney or attorneys practicing in the firm. Professional corporations or associations may contain "P.C." or "P.A." in indicating the nature of the firm.

In the selection and use of a firm name, no false, misleading, assumed or trade name should be used. The American Bar Association Committee on Professional Ethics has disapproved the use of "and Co." (Informal Opinion 377), "McCarrus Claim Service" (Informal Opinion 375) and "Northern Law Clinic" (Informal Opinion 376) as firm names. However, it has held "The Firm of A. B. Smith" (Informal Opinion 369), "Jones Brothers" (Informal Opinion 370), "H. C. & Son" (Formal Opinion 219) and "Blank Law Office" (Informal Opinion 371) proper.

In response to this inquiry, it is the opinion of the Committee that the use of the firm name of "X (name of city) Legal Clinic of Y. Z. (name of Attorney), P.C." is proper.

This 14th day of December, 1982.


W. J. Flippin
Edwin C. Townsend