82-F-35 - Client Information Tax Preparation


Inquiry is made as to the propriety of giving information provided by
clients to accountants and/or computer tax services retained by the attorney
to assist in the preparation of clients' tax returns.

The attorney is retained by clients to assist in the preparation of personal income tax
returns. The attorney utilizes the assistance of an accountant and/or a computer tax
service in this preparation. Both the computer service and the accountant recognize the
confidential nature of the information provided to them and agree to respect this

DR 4-101 requires the attorneys to preserve the confidences and secrets of clients. DR 4-
101(D) recognizes that a lawyer uses the services of persons in addition to himself to
provide legal service and provides that reasonable care shall be exercised by employees,
associates and others to protect the attorney-client privilege and, further, that no
privileged information may be revealed through an employee in the absence of informed
consent and waiver by the client or the other exceptions contained in DR 4-101(C).

An attorney may utilize the services of an accountant and/or computer tax service in
preparing the individual tax return only in the event that the attorney, realizing that such
records may be subject to an IRS subpoena, has the informed consent of the client and has
advised the client that this action may involve a waiver of the attorney-client privilege.

This 18th day of October , 1982.


John T. Henniss
Jackson C. Raulston
G. Wilson Horde