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Attorney Details

Threadgill, John O.
PO BOX 10606
KNOXVILLE, TN 37939-0606
BPR Number:
Office County:
Licensed in TN Since:
Law School:
University of Tennessee - College of Law

Informational Releases for Public Discipline:

Date Title
04/25/2019 Supreme Court Decision - #2012-2174-2-SG(14)
04/25/2019 Disbarred effective 5/5/19
04/25/2019 Knox County Lawyer Disbarred Third Time
06/07/2018 Chancery Court Decision - #2012-2174-2-SG(14)
05/22/2017 Hearing Panel Judgment - #2012-2174-2-SG(14)
12/13/2012 Supreme Court Order - #2012-2174-2-SG(14)
11/30/2012 Petition for Discipline filed (SG)
07/13/2012 Knox County Lawyer Disbarred Second Time And Ordered To Pay Restitution
07/12/2012 Disbarred
06/11/2012 Knox County Lawyer Disbarred And Ordered To Pay Restitution
06/06/2012 Disbarred
05/17/2012 Supreme Court Decision - #2009-1848-2-RS
04/02/2012 Knoxville Attorney Suspended
03/30/2012 Section 14 Suspension (indefinite)
03/28/2012 Petition for Order of Enforcement
01/24/2012 Chancery Court Decision - #2009-1848-2-RS
03/22/2011 Hearing Panel Judgment - #2009-1848-2-RS
08/11/2010 Petition for Discipline filed (RS)
12/07/2009 Knoxville Lawyer Suspended
11/30/2009 Supreme Court Decision - #2004-1458-2(K)-TH; 2005-1536-2(K)-TH
11/30/2009 Suspended 1 year per Supreme Court Order
10/06/2009 Supplemental Petition for Discipline filed (RS)
09/10/2009 Petition for Discipline filed (RS)
10/20/2008 Chancery Court Decision - #2004-1458-2(K)-TH; 2005-1536-2(K)-TH
02/23/2007 Hearing Panel Judgment - #2004-1458-2(K)-TH; 2005-1536-2(K)-TH
08/18/2005 Petition for Discipline filed (TH).
08/26/2004 Petition for discipline filed (TH).

Names Used:

John O Threadgill
John O. Threadgill

* Information accurate as ofWednesday, June 03, 2020 6:00 PM UTC