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Preston, Ashley Denise
6339 Charlotte Pike 703
Nashville, TN 37209-2926
BPR Number:
Office County:
Licensed in TN Since:
Law School:
Mercer University - Walter F. George School of Law

Informational Releases for Public Discipline:

Date Title
02/21/2019 Reinstated
02/21/2019 Davidson County Lawyer Reinstated
10/20/2017 Former Davidson County Lawyer Suspended
10/20/2017 Suspended 4 years with 2 years active retro to 2/23/16
02/16/2017 Second Supplemental Petition for Discipline filed - #2014-2374-5-AJ
02/23/2016 Disability Inactive Status of Davidson County Lawyer Removed
02/23/2016 Order Removing Disability Inactive Status
05/29/2015 Davidson County Lawyer Placed on Disability Inactive Status
05/26/2015 Transferred to Disability Inactive Status
01/21/2015 Supplemental Petition for Discipline filed - #2014-2374-5-AJ
09/30/2014 Petition for Discipline filed - #2014-2374-5-AJ
04/18/2013 Nashville Lawyer on Probation
04/17/2013 1 year probated suspension
09/07/2012 Petition for Discipline filed (KH)

Names Used:

Ashley Denise Preston

* Information accurate as ofFriday, August 23, 2019 6:04 PM UTC