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Officer, Albert Fitzpatrick III
101 S Jefferson Ave
Cookeville, TN 38501-3424
BPR Number:
Office County:
Licensed in TN Since:
Law School:
University of Tennessee - College of Law

Public Information:

Date Title
11/22/2021 Putnam County Attorney Reinstated

Informational Releases for Public Discipline:

Date Title
11/22/2021 Order of Reinstatement
11/22/2021 Putnam County Atttorney Reinstated
11/16/2021 Petition for Termination of Term of Active Suspension
03/11/2021 Suspended 6 years with 6 months active suspension and the remainder on probation
03/11/2021 Order of Enforcement
03/11/2021 Putnam County Lawyer Suspended
02/06/2019 Second Supplemental Petition for Discipline filed - 2017-2774-4-WM
01/04/2018 Supplemental Petition for Discipline filed - 2017-2774-4-WM
10/09/2017 Petition for Discipline filed - #2017-2774-4-WM
09/11/2017 Putnam County Lawyer Reinstated
09/11/2017 Order Dissolving Temporary Suspension
08/30/2017 Hearing Panel Decision - #2017-2740-4-WM-12.3
07/12/2017 Putnam County Lawyer Temporarily Suspended
07/12/2017 Order of Temporary Suspension
07/07/2017 Putnam County Lawyer Censured
07/06/2017 Public Censure
10/24/2014 Putnam County Lawyer Censured
10/21/2014 Public Censure
02/25/2005 Cookeville Lawyer Reinstated to Practice of Law by
05/11/2004 Petition for Reinstatement filed (JV).
06/25/2001 Release of Information RE: Albert Fitzpatrick Officer III

Names Used:

Albert Fitzpatrick Officer III

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