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Caldwell, Kathleen Laird
2670 Union Avenue Ext Ste 110
Memphis, TN 38112-4416
BPR Number:
Office County:
Licensed in TN Since:
Law School:
University of Memphis - Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law

Public Information:

Date Title
04/07/2021 Transferred to Disability Inactive Status
04/07/2021 Shelby County Lawyer Placed On Disability Inactive Status

Informational Releases for Public Discipline:

Date Title
04/01/2020 Public Censure
04/01/2020 Memphis Lawyer Censured
06/24/2011 Memphis Lawyer Censured
06/23/2011 Public Censure
08/27/2010 Petition for Discipline filed (CM)
03/30/2009 Memphis Lawyer Suspended
03/24/2009 24 mo.suspension w/actual 6 mos. and 18 mos. proba
03/21/2005 Petition for discipline filed (LC).
10/16/2003 Memphis Lawyer Suspended from Practice of Law
06/17/2002 Memphis Lawyer Reinstated to the Practice of Law
04/23/2002 Memphis Lawyer Suspended from Practice of Law

Names Used:

Kathleen Laird Caldwell

* Information accurate as of Monday, September 20, 2021 6:00 PM UTC