Recent Disciplinary Actions

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Date Type Title BPR Number Attorney
08/25/2017 Release Bedford County Lawyer Temporarily Suspended 009226 Marlow, Robert Lee
08/25/2017 Release Former Shelby County Lawyer Disbarred 021652 Price, Timothy Allen
08/18/2017 Release Sullivan County Lawyer Suspended 001286 Cooper, Don W
08/11/2017 Release Shelby County Attorney Suspended 010755 Cody, Homer L.
08/11/2017 Release Colorado Lawyer Suspended 018880 Saxon, Sean Gardner
08/10/2017 Release Knox County Lawyer Censured 017992 Garland, Danny Carol
08/10/2017 Release Campbell County Lawyer Disbarred 014880 Hatmaker, Wesley Lynn
08/09/2017 Release Williamson County Lawyer Disbarred 024360 Clark, John Jay
08/04/2017 Release Davidson County Lawyer Suspended 018263 Walwyn, Paul Julius
08/03/2017 Release Hamilton County Lawyer Placed On Disability Inactive Status 033068 Aronds, Ronald E
08/02/2017 Release Davidson County Lawyer Temporarily Suspended 031850 Jones, Jennifer Elizabeth
08/02/2017 Release Shelby County Lawyer Suspended 013988 Waggoner, Gerald Denny
07/31/2017 Release Memphis Lawyer Censured 009158 Dolan, John Louis
07/28/2017 Release Maury County Lawyer Placed On Disability Inactive Status 027750 Bellis, Joel Robert
07/27/2017 Release McNairy County Lawyer Temporarily Suspended 011507 Gray, Bobby Gene
07/27/2017 Release McNairy County Attorney Placed on Disability Inactive Status 011507 Gray, Bobby Gene
07/25/2017 Release Madison County Lawyer Suspended 020439 Brooks, Stephen Christopher
07/20/2017 Release Knox County Lawyer Suspended 005453 Kennedy, James Lester
07/18/2017 Release Disability Inactive Status Of Lawyer Removed 018623 DeRossitt, James Prentice
07/17/2017 Release Shelby County Lawyer Placed On Disability Inactive Status 020496 Masserano, Alyse Dwyer
07/17/2017 Release Knox County Lawyer Placed On Disability Inactive Status 030530 Yancy, Al'Reco Le'Juan
07/17/2017 Release Franklin Lawyer Temporarily Suspended 032614 Bailey, Erich Webb
07/13/2017 Release Sumner County Lawyer Reinstated 023786 Mims, Jocelyn Doria
07/12/2017 Release Williamson County Lawyer Censured 031213 Lotz, Erica May
07/12/2017 Release Putnam County Lawyer Temporarily Suspended 011629 Officer, Albert Fitzpatrick