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The Board of Professional Responsibility is is an administrative agency of the Supreme Court of Tennessee. Every licensed attorney in the State of Tennessee is a member of the Board of Professional Responsibility, which provides a wide array of services to its members and the public.

Phone Directory

Telephone Numbers:
(615) 361-7500
(800) 486-5714
fax: (615) 367-2480

Individuals at the Board of Professional Responsibility may be contacted by dialing the main telephone number and using the following extensions.

Name Title Extension
Alan Johnson Disciplinary Counsel 207
Betsy Garber Disciplinary Counsel 203
Beverly Sharpe Director of Consumer Assistance 226
Beverly Yousefzadeh Administrative Payables Clerk 241
Bill Moody Disciplinary Counsel 217
Candis Grooms Case Manager 229
Cheri Weaver CAP Legal Assistant 208
Crystal Mihelich CAP Intake Assistant 228
Danny Buckner Administrative Receivables Clerk 219
Eileen Smith Disciplinary Counsel 210
Elizabeth Gray Administrative Scan Clerk 202
Harlene LabrumParalegal220
James Vick Deputy Chief Disciplinary Counsel - Investigation, Ethics Counsel 212
Joy Vaughn Legal Assistant 242
Julie Turner Executive Assistant 209
Justin Cox Legal Assistant 201
Kevin Balkwill Disciplinary Counsel 223
Krisann Hodges Deputy Chief Disciplinary Counsel - Litigation 214
Kristi Astafan Registration Manager 213
Mary McKnight Lead Legal Assistant - Litigation 224
Patty Burton Assistant Director 216
Preston Shipp Disciplinary Counsel 222
Reynold Gaulden, Jr. Registration Clerk 244
Rita Webb Executive Secretary 206
Russ Willis Disciplinary Counsel 236
Sandy Garrett Chief Disciplinary Counsel 211
Stephanie Richey Registration Assistant 227
Suzanne Saucier Legal Assistant 221
Tammy EmeryLead Legal Assistant - Investigations 218
Tony Pros Network Administrator230
Zuzu Savage Receptionist 200


Mailing Address:
Board of Professional Responsibility
Suite 220
10 Cadillac Drive
Brentwood, TN 37027

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Closed on all State holidays


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