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DateTypeTitleBPR NumberAttorney
5/1/2013 Release Shelby County Lawyer Temporarily Suspended 011527 Hendricks, William Leon
5/1/2013 Release Shelby County Lawyer Temporarily Suspended 027428 Milton, Charlotte Prather
5/1/2013 Release Washington County Lawyer Temporarily Suspended 022176 Martin, Bryan Bradley
4/29/2013 Release Knoxville Lawyer Temporarily Suspended 026785 Bailey, Whitney Suzanne
4/23/2013 Release Henderson County Lawyer Censured 017100 Kirk, -+-m Bradley Glenn
4/22/2013 Release Shelby County Attorney Disbarred 004595 Johnson, David J.
4/18/2013 Release Nashville Lawyer on Probation 025642 Preston, Ashley Denise
4/17/2013 Release Knoxville Lawyer Censured 019381 Fitzgerald, Ta Kisha Monette
4/9/2013 Release Dyersburg Lawyer Suspended 014120 Howie, Mr. Martin Lynn
4/4/2013 Release Nashville Lawyer Temporarily Suspended 018354 Clemmons, John E.
3/25/2013 Release Nashville Attorney Suspended 013661 Lyon, Philip K.
3/19/2013 Release Davidson County Attorney Suspended 024152 McWilliams, James Darren
3/5/2013 Release Colorado Lawyer Censured 016987 Kleinsmith, Philip M.
3/4/2013 Release Hamilton County Lawyer Placed On Disability Inactive Status 012814 Stinnett, Mr. Jeffrey Andrew
2/27/2013 Release Georgia Lawyer Censured 025139 Giglio, John Michael
2/15/2013 Release Memphis Attorney Suspended 004595 Johnson, David J.
2/5/2013 Release Shelby County Lawyer Suspended 010650 Tucker, Mr. Michael R.
1/31/2013 Release Madison County Attorney on Probation 022500 Hopson, Angela Joy
1/31/2013 Release Shelby County Lawyer Censured 018359 Craig, Paul Forrest
1/28/2013 Release Knox County Lawyer Suspended 023307 Lemons, Ms. Vanessa Lynn
1/25/2013 Release Campbell County Lawyer Censured 000490 Dunaway, Johnny Von
1/23/2013 Release Nashville Lawyer Suspended 018744 Kennon, Jerry Alan
1/22/2013 Release Bradley County Lawyer Censured 019146 Murphy, John Allen
1/22/2013 Release Davidson County Lawyer Censured 015397 Chapman, Mark Edward
1/22/2013 Release Sumner County Lawyer Censured 007085 Ligon, William Norman
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