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DateTypeTitleBPR NumberAttorney
12/4/2012 Release Sullivan County Lawyer Disbarred and Ordered to Pay Restitution 024158 Mullins, David Garrett
11/29/2012 Release Fayette County Lawyer Suspended 014542 Dycus, Terry D.
11/29/2012 Release Nashville Lawyer Reinstated By Supreme Court 027234 Frakes, Mr. Bradley Heath
11/21/2012 Release Carter County Attorney Disbarred 002026 Cowan, Thomas Ewing
11/21/2012 Release Davidson County Lawyer Disbarred 009412 Davis, Bobby Dean
11/21/2012 Release Memphis Lawyer Censured 009148 Corder, Valerie Tronolone
11/19/2012 Release Knox County Lawyer Disbarred 009494 Hoover, M. Josiah
11/16/2012 Release Hawkins County Lawyer Disbarred 006234 Godbee, Mr. John Douglas
11/13/2012 Release Davidson County Lawyer Censured 021191 Garrett, Hugh Edward
11/13/2012 Release Sumner County Lawyer Censured 019065 Collins, Mr. Michael Scott
11/8/2012 Release Hamilton County Lawyer Censured 013191 Clements, James W
11/2/2012 Release Shelby County Lawyer Censured 027219 Ferrell, Jami Keith
10/31/2012 Release Shelby County Lawyer Censured 020170 Latimore, Michael Edward
10/29/2012 Release Hawkins County Attorney Suspended 018998 Taylor, James Franklin
10/23/2012 Release Davidson County Lawyer Censured 014618 Gordon, Mr. Robin Jeffrey
10/23/2012 Release Hamilton County Lawyer Censured 010319 Wolfe, Mr. John McConnell
10/23/2012 Release Overton County Lawyer Censured 014424 Patterson, Lynda W.
10/19/2012 Release Anderson County Lawyer Suspended 018395 Lain, Mr. Samuel Franklin
10/19/2012 Release Chattanooga Lawyer Suspended 004773 Hanzelik, Fred T
10/19/2012 Release Crockett County Lawyer Suspended 018739 Jones, Shannon Allen
10/9/2012 Release Hawkins County Lawyer Suspended 006234 Godbee, Mr. John Douglas
10/9/2012 Release Memphis Lawyer Suspended 016232 Norris, Anthony Bernard
10/9/2012 Release Shelby County Lawyer Placed On Disability Inactive Status 004649 Mathes, Gail Ostby
10/5/2012 Release Memphis Lawyer Censured 005017 Thomas, William H.
10/3/2012 Release Wilson County Attorney Disbarred 006695 Vandever, Mr. Gary Wayne
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