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The Board of Professional Responsibility’s Ethics Workshop

By Sandy Garrett

On August 12, 2005, the Board of Professional Responsibility held its ninth annual Ethics Workshop for attorneys. Presenters at the Workshop included all Disciplinary Counsel, Judge John Brown and the following private attorneys: John Kitch, David Raybin, Ted Hansom and Buddy Burnett. Fourteen attorneys attended the Workshop to satisfy the requirements of their diversion.

Also in attendance at the Workshop were Linda Gosnell, Chief Deputy Counsel for the Kentucky Bar and Jay Garrett, Deputy Chief Counsel for the Kentucky Bar. The Board of Professional Responsibility was honored by the Kentucky Bar’s request to attend our Workshop for purposes of establishing their own Ethics Workshop.

The Workshop concluded with an exam which all attendees successfully completed. Since the Board’s first Ethics Workshop in 1997, 181 attorneys have completed diversion by attending the Workshops.

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