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Public Comment Invited

By Charles A. High, Jr.

The Board of Professional Responsibility is considering issuing a Formal Ethics Opinion concerning the provision of limited representation by attorneys to domestic relations litigants through a pro se clinic.

Issues regarding limited representation, also referred to as unbundled services, have arisen since the adoption of the Rule of Professional Conduct. RPC 1.2(c) allows attorneys to limit the scope of representation.

The proposed opinion deals with conflicts of interest, the definition of a “firm,” disclosure to prospective clients, the courts and parties and compensation to the attorney by a third party. Prior to adopting an opinion on issues that may affect other issues that are likely to arise as a result of adoption of the Rules of Professional Conduct, the Board of Professional Responsibility invites comments and remarks from the bar and bar association. Please address comments and remarks, prior to February 28, 2005, to:

Board of Professional Responsibility 1101 Kermit Drive, Suite 730 Nashville, TN 37217 or by fax at (615) 367-2480 or e-mail at

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