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Board Notes - Winter 2005

In this Issue:

Tennessee Supreme Court Appoints New Board Members To The Board Of Professional Responsibility - By Laura L. Chastain
On December 16, 2004, the Tennessee Supreme Court appointed four new members to the Board of Professional Responsibility who will fill vacancies left by retiring Board members who have served their full terms.   continued...
Board’s Website is Launched
The Board’s website is a user-friendly resource for attorneys and consumers and provides useful information to the public.   continued...
Public Comment Invited
The Board of Professional Responsibility is considering issuing a Formal Ethics Opinion concerning the provision of limited representation by attorneys to domestic relations litigants through a pro se clinic.   continued...
The Board of Professional Responsibility’s Ethics Workshop - By Sandy Garrett
On August 20, 2004, the Board of Professional Responsibility held its eighth annual Ethics Workshop for attorneys required to attend a practice and professionalism program in lieu of discipline.   continued...
Board Issues New Formal Ethics Opinion Addressing False and Misleading Advertising - By Jesse D. Joseph
On September 17, 2004, the Board issued Formal Ethics Opinion 2004- F- 149 which provides guidance regarding what general types of claims or representations as included within attorney advertising are considered false and misleading in violation of RPC 7.1. Before issuing the actual opinion, the Board previously circulated two discussion drafts of the proposed opinion to all active attorneys in Tennessee since the fall of 2003 in prior editions of this publication, and received many helpful comments.   continued...
The Unmentioned Menace Among Us - By Nancy K. Corley, Esquire Bruce,Weathers, Corley & Lyle
TThis summer, two bright young Nashville lawyers committed suicide and two more attempted suicide. I knew all four of these women but one was a close friend. She was very smart, accomplished and respected in her chosen field of law, active in her church and in her community, sought out by clients for her expertise and knowledge of the law.   continued...
Disciplinary Actions - By William W. "Tripp" hunt, III

Board Notes
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Lance B. Bracy
Chief Disciplinary Counsel

Laura L. Chastain
Deputy Chief Disciplinary Counsel

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Disciplinary Actions - By William W. "Tripp" hunt, III

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