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The Board of Professional Responsibility's Ethics Workshop 2004

The Board of Professional Responsibility’s eighth annual Ethics Workshop is scheduled for August 20, 2004 in Nashville, Tennessee. The Board offers the Ethics Workshop as a component of the practice and professionalism enhancement programs existing pursuant to Section 30 of Rule 9, Rules of the Supreme Court. Attendance at the Workshop is restricted to attorneys receiving either diversion or discipline from the Board of Professional Responsibility.

The Board appreciates and is honored by the volunteer efforts of the judiciary and private bar who assist Disciplinary Counsel in presenting the Workshop. Judges and private attorneys speaking at this year’s Ethics Workshop include:

  • Honorable Joe Riley, Court of Criminal Appeals (Retired)
  • John Day, Esquire
  • John Kitch, Esquire
  • David Raybin, Esquire
  • Gail Ashworth, Esquire
  • Bill Robilio, Esquire
  • Tommy Kirkpatrick, Esquire

Inside Board Notes
Ethics Opinion Spotlight - By Laura Chastain
Disciplinary Actions - By William W. "Tripp" hunt, III


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