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Board Notes - Summer 2004

In this Issue:

Tennessee Supreme Court Receives Advisory Committee Report
In The Supreme Court Of Tennessee At Nashville
In Re: Board Of Professional Responsibility Advisory Committee

On May 9, 2003, the Court entered an order recognized that with the adoption of the rules of Professional conduct (replacing the Code of Professional Responsibility), the time had come for an evaluation of disciplinary enforcement in this state.   continued...
The Board of Professional Responsibility's Ethics Workshop
The Board of Professional Responsibility's eighth annual Ethics Workshop is scheduled for August 20, 2004 in Nashville, TN.   continued...
Input Sought from the Bar
In October, 2003, the board of Professional Responsibility sought input from the Bar regarding a proposed formal ethics opinion on what types of claims or representaitons in attorney advertisements are false or misleading in violation of Rule 7.1, Rules of Professional Conduct.   continued...
The Rule on Confidentiality Of Complaints and Disciplinary Proceedings Has Been Amended, Effective February 19, 2004
The Supreme Court, on February 19, 2004, published for public comments a proposed and interim confidentiality rule relating to ethical complaints and disciplinary proceedings. The public comment period has been extended by the Court to august 2, 2004.   continued...
You Bet Your Life: Lawyers and Compulsive Gambling - By Robert L. Stenander
Pathological gambling is often called a hidden disease. It cannot be detected by breath or blood tests, nor does it leave needle marks. It may be a means of escaping from difficulties in marriage or work and many times will go unnoticed as a significant problem. High risk is a key part of the game- gamblers bet discovery, humiliation, and ultimately their lives.   continued...
Ethics Opinion Spotlight - By Laura Chastain
Since the adoption of the Rules Conduct by the Tennessee Supreme Court, effective March, 2003, some new Formal Ethics Opinions have been issued by the Ethics Committee of the Board of Professional Responsibility.   continued...
Changes in Specialty Certification Disclosure in Advertising - By Jesse D. Joseph
On april 29, 2003, the Tennessee Supreme Court filed an order amending Rule 7.4 of the Rules of Professional Conduct (RPC) which eliminated the prior requirement for a lawyer to state whether the lawyer was certified as a specialist within areas of law listed in the lawyer;s advertisments, or whether certification was available within listed areas of law.   continued...
Board Considers continuing to Practice Law After Suspensions for Non-Payment of BPR Annual Fees or CLE Non-Compliance to be Serious Ethical Misconduct
Recent instances of lawyers continuing to practice law after suspension for non-pyment of BPR annual fees or CLE non-compliance have come to the attention of the Board.   continued...
Fee Dispute Committees Excellent Way to Resolve Client Fee Disputes - By Laura Chastain
Have a dispute with your client over your fee? An excellent way to resolve such a dispute is through a bar association fee dispute committee.   continued...
Disciplinary Actions - By William W. "Tripp" hunt, III

Board Notes
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Lance B. Bracy
Chief Disciplinary Counsel

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Deputy Chief Disciplinary Counsel

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Ethics Opinion Spotlight - By Laura Chastain
Disciplinary Actions - By William W. "Tripp" hunt, III


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