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What to Expect

You may expect that the Board and Disciplinary Counsel will be genuinely concerned with your complaint. Your complaint will receive full and prompt attention. No complaint is ever “swept under the rug.” You'll be required to sign your complaint.

You may be asked to participate in one or more interviews by an attorney, who is a full-time salaried assistant disciplinary counsel of the Office of Disciplinary Counsel serving the Board.

You may be called as a witness to testify under oath in any disciplinary hearing that may be held on your complaint. Because of the number of complaints that are received and the various steps of disciplinary procedure, you may expect the procedures involved will take time. Your complaint will, however, never be ignored.

You'll receive the services without charge. The funds for the operation of the disciplinary system in Tennessee are obtained through an annual assessment paid by every practicing lawyer in Tennessee. The Board receives no funds from the public.

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