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What not to Expect

You should not expect to receive in the disciplinary proceeding any money damages or reimbursement of loss. You may be entitled to file a claim for reimbursement of a portion of losses occurred on or after July 1, 1991, caused by dishonest conduct. Inquiry should be directed to:

Tennessee Lawyer’ Fund for Client Protection
221 Fourth Avenue North, Suite 300
Nashville, TN 37219
(615) 741-3097

You should not expect to receive any individual legal advice or services from the Board or from the Office of Disciplinary Counsel other than an inquiry and prosecution of your complaint if the facts warrant. Filing a complaint with the Board will not preserve your legal rights nor stop the statute of limitations from running in a legal malpractice or other legal action. You should pursue independent legal action and seek independent advice and counsel concerning your legal matter.

In certain cases you should not expect receive a detailed explanation of the discipline imposed upon the lawyer. In those cases in which the Supreme Court imposes public discipline (disbarment, suspension, or public censure) you will be informed of the discipline imposed. In those cases in which nonpublic discipline is imposed (informal admonition or private reprimand) you will simply be informed that appropriate discipline has been imposed. These nonpublic disciplines are reserved for cases of mild infractions by the lawyer. Finally if after our investigation is completed, it is determined that the lawyer has not violated the Code of Professional Responsibility, you'll also be informed of our determination.

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