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Purpose of Discipline

The purpose of the disciplinary proceeding is to protect the public by administering discipline to the lawyer if it is deserved. The Board does not, and cannot, give individual legal service or advice to any person making a complaint. Further, any loss you may have sustained cannot be recovered through disciplinary proceedings. The lawyer may be disciplined; but, if you believe you have a cause of action against the lawyer for money damages, you may seek to enforce your rights in a lawsuit against the lawyer. You have a limited time (statute of limitations) to file a legal malpractice lawsuit. Filing a complaint with the Board will not preserve your legal rights, nor stop statute of limitations.

Discipline of lawyers may take one of several forms, depending on the particular circumstances and the severity of the offense: Private admonition, private reprimand, public censure, suspension from practice for a specified time, or disbarment.

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