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Complaints and Inquiry

A complaint can be originated by completing a complaint form. Names, dates, addresses, pertinent documentation, etc., must be provided to serve as a basis for further investigation.

The next step is an inquiry. The purposes of the inquiry are twofold: to determine the facts as nearly as may be, and to provide a factual basis for determination as to whether probable cause of disciplined exists.

A recommendation on each complaint, other than those with no basis for discipline or those not within the jurisdiction of the Board, is made to a Member of the Hearing Committee on the Board. This “Reviewing Member” may be one of the lawyers selected by the Supreme Cournt on a statewide basis to serve on a voluntary non-pay basis.

In some complaints, grounds for discipline do not exist. For those in which probable cause for discipline exists the matter is referred to Disciplinary Counsel for either prosecution of formal charges before a Hearing Committee or the administering of an Informal Discipline by Disciplinary Counsel to the lawyer found fault. All inquiries in complaints are considered.

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