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The Board of Professional Responsibility’s Online Attorney Directory can help you to quickly find any attorney licensed to practice law in the State of Tennessee. It can provide you with information such as the attorney’s full name, office address, and even any public Informational Releases issued by the Board concerning the attorney.

Only public discipline will be disclosed. Private reprimands and private admonitions will remain private and confidential pursuant to Tennessee Court Rule 9, Section 32. Information regarding formal proceedings that were dismissed may be obtained from the Board.

To find an attorney, please provide as much information as you can. (You must fill out at least one item.) You may check as many of the Status checkboxes as you wish. For example, to find all active and inactive attorneys with a last name of “Smith” and who have an office in Davidson County, type “Smith” in the Last Name field, select Davidson in the County field, and check the Active and the Inactive checkboxes for the Status field. To see a definition for each Status, click here. Please read the disclaimer before using the Online Attorney Directory.

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