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CAP Success

While CAP cannot successfully resolve every problem, we deal with thousands of new requests for assistance each year. CAP tries to contact callers within two (2) business days and respond to letters within ten (10) business days. Reports show that a large percentage of client problems are resolved without having to use the formal disciplinary procedures.

CAP Records Retention

CAP inquiry records are usually destroyed 30 days after completion of the matter. Please do not send any original documents to CAP.

Other Recommendations

What if I still want to file a formal complaint against an attorney?
A complaint form will be sent or may be downloaded here. However, we do our best to help legal consumers solve problems in other ways by improving lawyer/client communications and resolving conflicts through informal methods. Filing a formal complaint often does not solve a client’s problem.

Attorney Assistance

The focus of CAP is on legal consumers, but we do help lawyers through courtesy calls or letters when we hear from dissatisfied clients. CAP may also be helpful in resolving certain lawyer/lawyer disputes. Most problems with clients can be prevented by returning calls promptly, keeping clients informed about the status of their case, explaining billing practices, meeting deadlines, and managing a caseload efficiently.

CAP Information

File a Request
You may complete a Request for Assistance and return it to:

Consumer Assistance Program
Board of Professional Responsibility of the Supreme Court of Tennessee
10 Cadillac Drive, Suite 220
Nashville, TN, 37027

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