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Attorney License Information

Rule 9, Section 10.1 of the Rules of the Supreme Court of Tennessee requires every attorney admitted to practice to register with the Board of Professional Responsibility, and further to notify the Board of any changes in residence or office addresses within 30 days of any changes.

Active Status

Attorneys on active status are required by Rule 9, Section 10.1 to pay an annual fee to the Board, in an amount determined by the Supreme Court.

Inactive Status

The Supreme Court of Tennessee amended Rule 9, Sections 10.3 and 10.8 to include new classifications for inactive status and imposing an annual inactive fee effective January 1, 2012. To view the Rule click here.

If you are already on inactive status, the amendment to Rule 9 means that starting in 2012, you will be filing an annual registration statement and paying a $70.00 inactive status fee. To view the specific Rule 9 change that applies to annual registration click here.

A paper statement will be mailed to your last address with the Board. If you have moved and have not provided the Board with your current contact information, please send an email to: from the email address you want on file with the Board, and include your BPR number and current contact information. Once the Registration Department has updated your information, you will be provided with a link and login credentials to use with the Board's online "Attorney Portal" to register and pay.

If your Tennessee law license is currently active and you wish to request inactive status, please complete the Application the appropriate Affidavit as described below and provide the Board with a notarized original:

(a) If you serve as a justice, judge, or magistrate of a court of the United States or currently serve in a federal office and are prohibited by federal law from also engaging in the practice of law

(b) If you are retired from the practice of law and 65 years of age or older

(c) If you are on full-time duty with the armed forces

(d) If you are a faculty member of a Tennessee law school and do not practice law

(e) If you are not currently engaged in the practice of law in Tennessee

The appropriate application notarized affidavit must be received by the Board prior to the first day of your birth month for the fee exemptions or the reduced fee to apply for the current year.

Change Of Address

Every attorney admitted to practice in Tennessee is required to register with the Board, and in addition to notify the Board of any changes of residence or office addresses within 30 days of any changes, see Rule 9, Section 10.1.
  • How do I register a change of address?
    To file a changes of address with the Board, login to the Attorney Portal and update your information online. You may also mail, fax, or otherwise deliver a signed notice of address change indicating your prior and new residence or office addresses and the effective date of the change.

Professional Privilege Tax Obligations

As professionals, attorneys are subject to the Professional Privilege Tax as required by Tennessee Code Ann. Sections 374 - 1701, et seq. For more information about the Professional Privilege Tax, please visit the Tennessee Department of Revenue's Frequently Asked Questions web page.

Attorneys who have been notified by the Board of Professional Responsbility, pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 9, Section 26, that they were out of compliance are required to submit an affidavit establishing compliance with the Professional Privilege Tax obligations. A sample affidavit is available for download.

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