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Non-Payment Procedure

The following procedure was implemented, pursuant to Rule 9, Section 20.3 on January 1, 2008:

  1. Bills for annual fees sent on or before January 10 by regular, U.S. mail.

  2. Past due notices sent by regular, U.S. mail on or before March 10 to lawyers who did not pay annual fees by March 1 as required by Rule 20. The past due notice will give the attorney until March 20 to pay.

  3. On March 21, certified suspension notices sent requiring payment by March 31. Tracking of delivery of certified suspension notices will be done through the USPS website tracking system.

  4. On the Friday following the 31st day after the USPS tracking system confirms delivery to a delinquent lawyer, his/her name will be submitted to the Supreme Court for suspension.

  5. Once a suspension order is entered by the Court, notice of such suspension will be made consistent with existing procedure.

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