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Informal Ethics Inquiries

Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 9, Section 5.4 provides for prospective ethical guidance to attorneys who need assistance. Informal inquiries to Disciplinary Counsel are available at this site as follows:

INFORMAL ETHICS INQUIRY: All the following fields of information must be acknowledged (yes/no) or completed as indicated:

Note: This guidance is designed to help licensed attorneys resolve ethics issues. If you are not an attorney but need assistance in resolving an issue with your attorney, please visit our Consumer Assistance Program web page.

What is your name?


What is your BPR number?

What is your city?

What email address may we use to respond to you?

What telephone number may we use to contact you?

Is this ethics matter pending or being contemplated in any current proceeding?

What is the nature of the inquiry?

Please briefly describe the applicable facts.

Please briefly state the ethical question(s) to be addressed (Note: legal issues will not be addressed).

Please reference any potential applicable RPCs (see Tenn. Sup. Ct. Rule 8) or other ethical authorities.

Do you understand and agree that any opinion provided is not binding on the Board or any Court and offers no security?

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